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BRATEONE - Martin Passuth

I'm a 24 year old Berlin based photographer. My passion for photography stems from the belief that a great picture tells a thousand stories. It started initially as just a hobby, after spending much time reading about the art of photography, collaborating with peers and traveling through different cities this slowly built into an undying love and quest to not only take photos but also to inspire hope, capture timeless moments and tell stories through my photos.

The more time I spend horning my craft the more I realize that being a people’s person is just as important as making great photos. Over the last years, I have learned that it's equally vital to listen to the stories of my clients, understand their vision and allow them to be a part of the creative process by creating an atmosphere that makes them feel at home behind my lenses.
My vision is to be able to showcase the different shades of beauty through photography. Whether It’s a portrait, landscape, action, aerial, product, or wedding shoot. I believe that there’s always a unique angle for me to discover.


Come join me on this journey and find out more about all services I offer by reaching out to my contact.  

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